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Russian Fur Union (RFU) brings together companies and organizations that represent all sectors of the fur industry and the sectoral science of Russia:


- Fur farms;


- Fur suppliers;


- Auction company "Sojuzpushnina";


- Dressing, dyeing enterprises and sewing companies;


- Fur trade firms and retailers;


- Educational and research institutions.


All of these companies have great authority in the country and a long tradition of doing fur business, which helps to solve current and future issues.


Regardless of the number and composition of the membership, RFU works on all the fur industry in Russia, representing and defending its interests at the federal, regional and international level. 


Russian Fur Union is always open for communication and consultation for any participant of the fur business in our country and abroad.


Main activities of the Russian Fur Union: 


1. Protection and lobbying of the interests of representatives of the Russian fur business in the legislative and executive powers;


2. Assistance to members RPMS in solving practical problems;


3. Participation in the formulation of policies, strategies and prospects of development of the fur industry at the state level;


4. Participation in the formation of the customs and tariff policy;


5. Active opposition to the aggressive policy of animal rights activists in Russia;


6. Organization of fur Gala-shows and professional competitions;


7. Оrganization of conferences and seminars;


8. Assistance in the conduct of scientific research;


9. Creating a positive image and competitiveness of the fur industry;


10. Information support;


11. Carrying out the policies and decisions of the International Fur Federation in Russia;


12. Cooperation with Fur Breeders Associations and the Federations of foreign countries;


13. Participation in international fur fairs.


To solve the problems, Russian Fur Union uses its authority, established contacts with relevant ministries and agencies, referral to the Parliament and the Government, RFU involved in the preparation of laws and regulations related to the industry of fur as experts. President of the RFU is a member of 2 committees of the State Duma (by industry and the consumer market) and the Committee on Innovation, Youth, Small and Medium Enterprises in the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs.


Structure of the Russian Fur Union


 RFU Structure






The Board members 2014-2017. 


1 Mikhail Aksentyev (CEO of "Amurskaya Promislivaya Companiya"),


2 Ekaterian Akhuzina (Chairman of the Board of Directors of "Ekaterina Furs")


3 Arkady Kazakevitch (CEO of "Fur forever").


4 Sergey Kussenkov (CEO of fashion house «Kussenkovv»), 


5 Leonid Matrenitsky (Chairman of "Krechet" ) 


6 Ivan Parkalov (Vice CEO of "Vostok")


7 Ludmila Ramazanova (CEO of "Sudislavl")


8 Arkady Revzin (CEO of the Auction company "Sojuzpushnina")


9 Ekaterina Rukshtelene (Vice president of "Ettelsoft Logistic")


10 Alexander Saidínov (CEO of "Saltykovsky")


11 Sergey Stolbov (President of the "Russian Fur Union")


12 Leonid Tolstenko (CEO of "Leon-Elite")


13 Artem Hachaturov (CEO of "Exclusive M") 


Currently RFU has several priority areas, which receive special attention:


1. Development of fur farming. After a decline in 90-ies of the last century and the beginning of the 2000s, there was a positive trend in the development of the industry-  the number of the reproductive herd increased, the quality of fur products improved. Due to positive situation in the global fur market, demand and price levels, it was managed to improve economic performance of fur farms, which increased the investment attractiveness of fur farms and we hope to create new farms.


Due to the particular importance of sable and vulnerability of natural resources of this unique type of fur-bearing animals, it was approved an industry program for breeding farmed sables until 2021, which would increase the production of skins by 3.5 times and would get State support. Also the industry program "Development of fur farming in the Russian Federation for 2013-2020" also was approved.


We have good working relationships with the leaders of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, the National Association of Furbreeders, Fur farms, auction company "Sojuzpushnina", SRI of fur farming and rabbit breeding, Moscow Veterinary Academy, which allow to carry out joint activities and assist in the development of the industry. We hope to continue to deepen cooperation.




2. Russia takes 2nd place in the world after China in consumption of fur goods. In 2013, the volume of imports in Russia according to experts amounted to 3.1 billion US dollars. Its volume has remained at 80%. Russia is almost entirely dependent on external supplies of raw fur, processed fur and fur garments.


Our task is to provide maximum assistance to enterprises in the production and trade of furs for the protection of their interests, to overcome bureaucratic and administrative barriers and improve the culture of the fur trade, promote the positive image of fur business.




3. The implementation of the Agreement on the international standards for the humane trapping of wild animals (AIHTS) between the European Union, Canada and Russia. On July 22, 2012 came into force a ban on the use of the old type traps, about what all interested organisations were informed in advance. The Ministry of Natural resources and the regions of the Russian Federatian are responsible for this work. The necessary documentation for the production of a new type of traps was developed. Two companies have established production in the required quantity. Currently we are preparing to establish a Certification Centre for Testing and Certification of humane traps that meet the requirements of the AIHTS agreement.




4. An important sector of our work is the cooperation with the International Fur Federation (IFF). Russia is the member of the IFF since 1949. Our country has permanent representation on the Board of the IFF. We established good business contacts with the new management of the Federation, we have joint ideas, the personal meetings and negotiations became more frequent and more intense. People all over the wold became more loyal and respectful to the Russian fur business. We guarantee our support to the IFF in all directions. 


5. Animal rights activists


Currently in Russia there are several groups of animal rights activists. They are concentrated mainly in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Small groups are in the regions of Siberia. The basis of these organizations are youth groups.


Usually in whole Russia activists hold about 50-70 action in a year. These actions are held different formats. The situation does not develop enough and stable. Recently there has been growth in the popularity of natural furs. Movement is gaining momentum, "Back to Nature". Experts predict 'green' defeat in the consumer market, which, nevertheless, does not negate the requirement to humane conditions for the fur animals.




6. Contacts with the media is important in our business. Our aim is to create a real, positive image of the fur industry. To achieve the result we work not only with the print media, but also radio, television and internet media.




Russian Fur Union is ready for unifying processes in the fur industry and fully supports the efforts of the International Fur Federation in this direction.