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On the 16th of October 2014 at the jewelry house “Estet” in Moscow was held the second international Gala-show of the collections of the leading designers and manufacturers of fur garments (Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkey) organized by the Russian Fur Union with the support of the International Fur Federation.



The aim of the show was the positioning the IFF-Eurasia region as one of the leading representative of Global fur fashion with a centuries-old national traditions, as well as demonstrating fur collections that reflect the latest fur fashion trends in a new season. 

Ekaterina title    Helen Yarmak1


Guests were shown over 150 fur masterpieces made of sable, marten, mink, karakul, fox and other luxury furs. 

The participants of this even were: Ekaterina Furs (Russia), Helen Yarmak (Russia), 

Izeta (Russia), Exclusive-M (Russia), Kussenkovv (Russia), Alexander Petrov (Russia), 

Winter Fantasy (Kazakhstan), Adamo (Turkey), Punto (Turkey). 

As a part of the Gala-show was held the final of the young designers competition Remix-Eurasia 2014.


The winners are: 

1st Place Zuhal Canyurt (Turkey)     2nd Place Ekaterina Ivankova (Kazakhstan)                                                      

Remix-Eurasia 2014 winner 1st place Turkey Zuhal Canyurt    Remix Eurasia 2nd place Kazakhstan Ivankova Ekaterina

3rd Place was shared between Anjela Bezroda (Ukraine) and Nadezhda Shaulova (Russia).

Remix Eurasia 3rd place Ukraine Bezroda Anjela    Remix Eurasia 3rd place Shaulova Nadia

All participands were awarded with special Certificates and winners got original Prizes. Zuhal Canyurt, who took the 1st place is awarded the trip to the Global REMIX contest in Milan (February, 2015г.), where she will represent IFF-Eurasia region. Global Remix contest is supported by VOGUE Italy and this contest winners will find theor works on the pages of Vogue magazine. Remix-Eurasia participants will have the opportunity to have training practice at the leading fur companies in Russia, Turkey, Kazakhstan and Ukraine.

Winner Award

    An importnant part of the Russian Fur Union work is the formation of positive image and competitiveness of Russian producers of fur garments, support young professionals and staff training for domestic enterprises.

Exclusive-m all

Partners :

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Jewelry House "Estet"

Multbusiness company "Royal Holding"


Lotus Spa

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