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On the basis of Controlling Information and Analysis Centre for Game Animals and their Habitats of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation (“Centerokhotcontrol”) with the support of the Russian Fur Union and the International Fur Federation (IFF) was established humane trap certification center.

As part of this work Federal Agency on Technical Regulating and Metrology has officially registered system of trap certification for the humane trapping of wild animals №ZPOCC RU. B1531.04IZHU0 of 28 June 2016. Also, the order of “Centerokhotcontrol” approved company standards (STO), designed to facilitate the implementation of the Agreement on international humane trapping standards (AIHTS) between the European Union, Canada and the Russian Federation of December 15, 1997., Signed on behalf of the Government of the Russian Federation in Brussels April 22, 1998, ratified by the Federal law of 25 April 2008. №52-FZ.

Currently, the work is being done on accreditation and equipping the laboratory with special equipment for testing humane trapping types.



Results of labeling of fur products

February 9, 2017 in hotel Korston was held a forum on the theme: "The results of labeling of fur products", organized by the Russian Fur Union (RFU) and the Association of Retail Companies (AKORT) with the participation of representatives of the Eurasian Economic Commission, the Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Industry and trade of the Russian Federation, Federal customs service of Russia, Federal Service on Surveillance for Consumer rights protection and human well-being, JSC "Goznak"( a banknote and security printer, producer of security paper and related products) and other organizations.

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The forum was attended by about 200 managers and specialists of enterprises engaged in the fur production, import and trade.

Summing subtotals, all speakers noted the importance and success of the labeling project.

During the period from April 2016 to January 2017 it was managed to create a traceability tool which tracks movement of goods from manufacturer or importer to the end user and allows to identify illegal trade of fur goods in the territory of the Russian Federation. The introduction of a labeling system creates an environment of fair competition for market participants, and allows customers obtain reliable information about the purchased product. Thematic sections have been created on the official information resources of project operators and regulatory authorities.

Labeling project results exceeded all expectations of experts and market research data of the fur industry in Russia.

-Up to date more than 8,500 participants have already registered in this system;

-Over 6.7 million RFID labels are ordered;

–Retail sales - more than 45.2 billion rubles, which is 5 times more than in 2015;

- 3.8 million fur garments have already been labeled;

- 20% of the project participants have legalized their business;

- Import / export of goods in the EAEU - a 5000/5000 garments;

- Virtual warehouse of goods was created.

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This year, the following large-scale work is planned on the improvement of the system:

- Adjustment of the regulatory framework, and the possibility of amending the resolution of the Government №787 from 08.12.2016. (Please send your suggestions to the Russian Fur Union);

- Enhancing the analytical capabilities of the system;

- Integration with the "cloud" cash registers;

- Integration with information systems regulatory bodies and other organizations interested in obtaining data;

- Further development of an information resource and interface;

- Extension of the list of goods to be labeled;

- Creation of a helpline of technical support for the system.

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As part of the general discussion participants were able to ask questions to the speakers and gave their suggestions for improving the system:

- Ensure the possibility of electronic documents sharing between the parties of the fur market through personal cabinet;

-Create a single reference description of the goods;

-Introduce check indicators for contractors;

-Reconsider Articles of the criminal and the administrative code of the Russian Federation with regard to liability for violation of the order of labeling;

At the conclusion of the forum, representatives of the ministries (departments) and other organizations participating in the forum, called on the participants to contact the appropriate federal agencies, either directly or through industry associations in case of questions or concerns.

Конкурс молодых дизайнеров Remix-Eurasia 2017

Rpms Logo NewsС 1 по 30 апреля 2017г. состоится первый этап конкурса молодых дизайнеров меховых изделий Remix-Eurasia 2017, организованный Евразийским регионом Международной меховой федерации (IFF) при поддержке Российского пушно-мехового союза. 

Целью I этапа конкурса является выявление и стимулирование талантливых авторов меховых изделий среди молодых специалистов и студентов, обучающихся в учреждениях высшего профессионального и среднего специального образования.

EurasiaremixlogoК участию в творческом конкурсе приглашаются авторы России, Украины, Турции, Казахстана и республики Беларусь, создающие коллекции меховых, комбинированных, отделанных мехом изделий, креативных решений головных уборов, аксессуаров и украшений из меха, а также оригинальных конструктивных и технологических решений изделий данного ассортимента.

Прием заявок на участние в конкурсе с 10 марта по 10 апреля 2017г.

Скачать подробную информацию об участнии в конкурсе:




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