Всероссийский форум легкой промышленности

Rpms Logo News24-25 ноября 2016 года в Москве (Кутузовский пр., 2/1, стр.6) состоится Всероссийский Форум Легкой промышленности. 

Ежегодный всероссийский Форум Легкой Промышленности Министерства промышленности и торговли Российской Федерации -уникальная площадка для подведения итогов работы отрасли, анализа состояния и перспектив, обмена опытом, и выработки решений для развития.

Форум проводится с 2014 года и зарекомендовал себя, как авторитетное и эффективное мероприятие, которое привлекает к участию представителей ведущих предприятий отрасли легкой промышленности, органов государственной власти, финансовых и банковских структур, розничных компаний, СМИ, аналитиков и экспертов российского и международного уровня.

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Remix-Eurasia 2016 Results

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November 10, 2016 in Palace Suzora in Saint – Petersburg was held the final of the 3rd international young designers’ competition Remix – Eurasia 2016, organized by the Russian Fur Union with the support of the International Fur Federation (IFF), which was attended by representatives from Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Belarus and Uzbekistan.

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The contest was held in two stages:

In the first stage, the jury were determining the finalists by the sketches, the second stage, the jury were determining the winners by the ready garments. 

The jury were:

IMG 2585

1. Sergey Stolbov - Chairman of the IFF-Eurasia Board, Chairman of the jury.

2. Victoria Kusenkova - Creative Director of Fashion House Kussenkovv

3. Sergey Efremov - the designer of the Fashion House Sergey Efremov

4. Igor Gulyaev - the designer of the Fashion House Igor Gulyaev

5. Alexandr Petrov - the designer of the Fashion House Alexander Petrov

6. Oksana Moroz – Marketing Director NAFA, Eastern Europe

7. Kasper Reinbacher - Vice President of Sales Department Kopenhagen Fur

8. Alexei Plekhanov - Deputy of the General Director of the auction company Sojuzpushnina

IMG 2010   IMG 2012

The winners are:

IMG 2868

1 pace: Burak Dahan (Turkey)

IMG 3069  IMG 2877

Prize - internship at the design studio NAFA (Canada)

2nd place: Yerhat Maksutov (Kazakhstan) 

IMG 2875  IMG 2569

Prize - internship at the design studio Saga Furs (Finland)

3rd place: Liliya Nigmatyanova (Uzbekistan)

IMG 2870  IMG 2575

Prize - internship at the design studio Kopenhagen Fur (Denmark).

As part of the final of the contest many viewers were shown a collection of leading fur companies: Fashion House Igor Gulyaev, Fashion House Kussenkovv and Fashion House Alexandr Petrov.

IMG 2838  IMG 2885

Partners are:

International Forwarding Company LogiMir Oy

Auction Company Sojuzpushnina

Auction NAFA

Auction Kopenhagen Fur

Auction Saga Furs      

Companies Ekaterina Furs, Madame Matush, Leon Elite, Felida, Alexandr Petrov, Melita, auction American Legend assisted in tailoring fur garments for the finalists.

IMG 3020

As a guests of the final contest on the catwalk were shown garments of the winners of the Eurasia-Asia 2016.

International Fur Masterclass 2016

Rpms Logo NewsOn 10th  of November 2016, at the St. Petersburg State University of Industrial Design and Technology was held a masterclass on the use of modern technologies in the field of design and tailoring of fur products, organized by the Russian Fur Union (RFU), supported by the International Fur Federation (IFF).

IMG 0830

The masterclass was attended by students and professors of design institutes of St. Petersburg and other Russian cities, as well as representatives of companies involved in sewing fur products, more than 100 people.

2017-04-07 08-28-50  2017-04-07 08-29-30

Masterclass speakers were famous Russian designers: Alexander Petrov, Sergey Efremov, Igor Gulyaev, invited European designers Rebecca Bradley (United Kingdom), Django Steenbakker (Netherlands), as well as representatives of the international fur auctions - Casper Reinbacher and Victoria Pustynnikova (Kopenhagen Fur), Bobby Poulios and Oksana Moroz (NAFA).

Alexander Petrov shared with the participants his experience of the use of a sable skins in sewing fur garments.

IMG 0917


Casper Reinbacher and Victoria Pustynnikova spoke about the fur auction «Kopenhagen Fur», fur farming, about the design center on the basis of the auction house and on Fur Fab project - online catalog of designs of fur products, which is the source of inspiration for designers from all around the world.

IMG 0978   IMG 0967

Rebecca Bradley in her presentation spoke about the history of her brand, her personal experience and encouraged young designers to do more experiments with colors and different techniques.

IMG 1277  IMG 1114

Django Steenbakker demonstrated different techniques of sewing fur products, aimed at the more efficient use of fur without loss of its basic properties. He talked about fur as a versatile material that can be used to sew items for all seasons. He also told participants about his work in the Dutch foundation «Fur Lab», which is engaged in the training of students-designers to use fur.

IMG 1207  IMG 1299

Bobby Poulious and Oksana Moroz told about the work of the North American Fur Auction NAFA and demonstraterd a wide range of high quality farmed and wild fur samples.

IMG 1920  IMG 1647

In continuation of the master-class Russian designers Sergey Efremov and Igor Gulyaev shared their stories of success with the audience.

IMG 1625   IMG 1906

As part of the masterclass everyone could personally get acquainted with a variety of samples of modern techniques used for sewing fur products, as well as ask questions to the invited speakers.

IMG 0966  2017-04-07 10-22-21

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