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IFF-Eurasia region was estblished on 1st of February 2013 at the IFF Council meeting in Copenhagen.

The region includes: Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Turkey and Belarus.

IFF-Eurasia is a non-corporate membership organisation which is a part of the International Fur Federation. All IFF-Eurasia members are also members or associate members of the IFF. 

The IFF-Eurasia shall be comprised of those member organizations of the IFF, which are located in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Turkey, and any other fur organization located in the Eurasia.  

Regular membership shall be limited to national fur trade associations or coalitions that do not trade for profit, such organizations may not be directly affiliated with any federal or regional governmental organizations.  

Organizations meeting the criteria set forth in these terms of references – including membership in the IFF -- may apply for membership or associate membership status in the IFF-Eurasia. Membership must be approved by the IFF-Eurasia Board.

Current member organizations of the IFF-Eurasia include the following:

Russian Fur Unoin

Ukrainian Association of Furriers

Kazakhstan Fur Trade and Industrial Association

Turkish Fur Industrialists and Businessmen Association (KSIAD)

Belarussian Republic Association "Belpushnina" 


The Structure of the IFF-Eurasia is The Board - Chairman - Director - 2 Board members from each IFF-Eurasia member country, 2 project Coordinators. 

The Board, the Chairman and the Director are elected for a 2 year term, but may be re-elected for a second term.

IFF-Eurasia office is situated in Moscow. Adress: 4,1G, Minskaya st., 119590, Moscow, Russia.


The ojectives of the IFF-Eurasia are:  

a.          To provide a mechanism for the approval and distribution of operational and programmatic/project financial support to IFF-Eurasia member organizations in connection with the promotion, development and protection of fur industry interests in the Eurasia Region.  Such financial support is provided to the member organizations out of the IFF Levy Scheme.  

b.         To ensure that the use of such funds is consistent with the overall objectives of the IFF, as reflected in it’s Constitution.

c.          To encourage the development and implementation of funded projects in such areas as research, standardization, communications, fashion promotion and government relations in fur industry.

d.         To encourage the development and implementation of programs and projects that has regional and international importance.    

Despite the fact that IFF-Eurasia is young we are doing a big and successful work that has rellied our region. We can confidently say that IFF-Eurasia became strong organisation which is able to make fast joint decisions and to do high quality work regarding developement of the fur industry not only in our region. It is important to mention that IFF-Eurasia fur market is on the second place in a global fur trade and this fur market is growing rapidly. We are actively working on signing up new member countries to our region.